Design Trends 2021

2020 has been a long year so we have good reason to celebrate when thinking of the new trends happening in 2021.

With many people’s attitudes on life changing and lots of us now having to adapt to working from home our interiors have never been so important to us. Below we take a look at some of the rising interior design trends of 2021.


This is an extension of Granny Chic and is trending at the moment all over the internet. Cottage Core is an aesthetic inspired by a romanticised interpretation of western agricultural life, centered on ideas around a more simple life and harmony with nature. It’s all about a romantic interpretation of rural life and simpler times, using colours, patterns and details your Gran might have had. There are some fabulous wallpapers right now, which have a vaguely 50’s feel them.

A traditional-shape sofa, timeless armchair and full-length curtains hung from wooden poles (something we haven’t see for a while) all add to the overall style, with modern pieces such as the side tables, large footstool, round mirror and statement lighting bringing it up to date. It’s a nostalgic and comforting look.


Flexible Spaces

Since 2020 working from home has been a permanent fixture, at least for some of us, we all need to make our homes work harder for us, making spaces more flexible. Working at the dining room table during the day and turning it into an eating space in the evening isn’t ideal. Try finding an alcove or section of wall for a desk, doesn’t have to be big, so that it feels separate and your own. Change the lighting and art work around your desk or add a rug to separate it from the rest of your room. Keeping the colour scheme neutral but adding some personal touches will make the space feel separate to the rest of the rooms and give you your own zone.


Curves in all the right places

Like in the 50’s there is a significant move towards rounded shapes in interiors, particularly furniture that cocoons around you. There are no hard edges and the round shapes are kinder and more welcoming, perfect for now. They play on tactility and texture for softness and depth, like this one below from ….. Complete the look with a round rug, soft footstool and voluptuous cushions.


ECO – Conscious

We have become only too aware of how fragile our planet is in recent months, so anything we can do to use eco-friendly and sustainable products in our homes has to be welcome. One retro product that is growing in popularity is cork, which can be used on the floor and walls, on accessories, and can be sculpted and coloured – it’s hugely versatile. Not only will it look good for years to come, it has sound-proofing properties.

Vintage has also grown hugely in popularity, with more people buying old rather than new, pieces with a history like this antique chair, artwork and colourful cushions with a 50’s vibe.

Upcycled and reclaimed wood is a key trend in 2021 kitchen design with consumers wanting to reduce and reuse. 

With an increase in product engineering around sustainability, more and more companies are finding materials and processes that we will start to see in kitchens meaning consumers aren’t jeopardising durability to be environmentally kind.




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