Spring / Summer colour trends

It’s all about cosiness and neutrality this year.

Goodbye 2020 and hello to the new spring/summer interior trends of 2021. We all know lockdown has changed the way we see and use our homes and how they have become our refuge and sanctuary. Comfort and cosiness are high on our agenda for our place of refuge. Colours for 2021 are natural and earthy, drawn from nature, whilst shapes are rounded and cocooning. We all deserve a bit of luxury too, so you can finally light that expensive scented candle you have been saving and purchase that bling lamp and throw.

Back to Nature

Our love affair with plants continues and shows no sign of waning. In the winter months when we don’t have anything happening in our garden, caring for houseplants has kept us in touch with nature, they are known to bring calm and also purify the air. Large plants make a statement or a collection of smaller ones – and that 70’s rattan vibe is still all important, and of course, sustainable. Be creative with your plants, incorporate them into wall art, table decorations, window boxes or hang them from ceilings.


Pantone Colour of The Year 2021

Pantone colours are industry standard colour codes that stand for a specific shade, and this year the colours are ‘Illuminating’ yellow and ‘Ultimate Grey’. It’s a great combination of a soft grey neutral with a punchy bright yellow. Pantone says: “Practical and rock solid but at the same time warming and optimistic, the two shades together create a strong and positive vibe.” Yellow is also the colour of happiness and we could all do with a bit of that right now. Sofas and beds in mustard and velvet have become a favorite fabric for upholstery and it makes a fabulous statement against soft grey walls, guaranteed to lift your spirits.


Earth Tones

Dulux Colour Of The Year 2021 is ‘Brave Ground’ and works perfectly for how we feel right now. Calming colours in earthy shades that take us back to nature. This warm, natural tone is the perfect base to add sage green (which we are seeing a lot of this year too, especially in kitchens), palest pink and inky blues. Earth colours are empowering and are said to give us the courage to embrace change. It’s the perfect shade for any room in the house and makes this lounge and dining room feel like the perfect sanctuary from the world.


Luxe living

Amongst all the doom and gloom, we need to cheer ourselves up and sometimes a bit of luxury is the perfect solution. Luxe is a trend for this season for that very reason, something that makes you smile and makes you feel special. Golds, rich purples and shimmering metallics add luxury and drama to any room. Changing your cushions or small accessories is an inexpensive way to give your home a lift – after all who doesn’t like a bit of shimmer and shine?



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